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LED lights glow in multiple colors by single multicolor LED

By and large and already, drove Luxeon led lights we get a few kinds of hues lighting radiation as in the type of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white and others.To achieve several kinds of colors radiating optical lighting would need to use same numbers

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LED Technology and working principle of Light Emitting Diode

As per mentioned below, Light Emitting Diode Technology explained simply, The devices which convert one form of energy to another form of energy are to be defined as TRANSDUCERS.Electrical Energy is to be converted to Light Energy in case of LED Technology system.So LED Technology included

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LED Physics and LED Science Explained Briefly by Article

As per LED Chemistry, Silicon Germanium bandgap semiconductor materials are not suitable for LED because the very higher percentage of electrical energy is to be converted into thermal energy hence emission of light is negligible.In silicon germanium semiconductor diodes electrons and holes recombined non-radiative radiation.Since