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Monthly Archives: April 2017

intrinsic semiconductor

Intrinsic Semiconductor Conductivity with Temperature

Semiconductors are classified as 1) Intrinsic semiconductor (pure) 2) Extrinsic semiconductor (impure). An intrinsic semiconductor is an undoped pure semiconductor.The intrinsic semiconductor materials that electrical conductivity is increased with increases in temperature, is also called Intrinsic Semiconductor (pure).Under the influence of applied electric field or thermal energy, the covalent bonds

electronics,electronics engineering

Electronics Engineering with Basic Fundamental Elements

Electronics Engineering (field of study) is a subject of the branch of physics (science) which is related to study about mechanical behavior pattern of an electron under the influence of different conditions of applied electric field or thermal energy.Electronics Engineering is a subject in which flow

semiconductor,energy band,metal,insulator

Semiconductor Metal and Insulator Energy Band Diagram

At first, you have to know Insulators, Semiconductors & Conductors(Metal) regarding electrical conductivity theory & property by Energy Band. Electrical conduction properties of insulators almost NIL. No current could flow across insulators. Electrical conduction property of Metal is very high.A Huge amount of current could