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Google Wallet works as Mobile Wallet for Cashless Transaction

Google Digital Wallet (Cashless Transaction by e-wallet OR Mobile Wallet) has been propelled in advertise September 2011 since Google technology company is free of cost Smart Digital Wallet or e-wallet. Application programming.Google Digital Wallet is available for Android & iPhone.Financial information such as 16 Digits card

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Google Car Technology and How Automatic Car Works

Google propelled in the market another innovation self-driven Google Waymo Car, mean Autonomous Car OR Google Car.Google Vehicle auto could be worked without driver self-governing auto.This is automation google technology, application of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Google Car). As an advantage, Reducing road accidents, congestion, fuel, and

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Android Application Development for the Beginners

What is Android? Android Application Development would be explained Later. We need to study Analog Signals & Analog Technology before beginning the Android Application Development. • A free, open-source versatile stage • A Linux-based, multiprocess, multithreaded OS • Android isn’t a gadget or an item • It’s

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ISRO launched Artificial Satellites towards Sun Planet

Space scientists are succeeding to send artificial satellites towards Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Planets only, the exception of the sun. But SUN planet is impossible.But launching artificial satellites toward SUN planet is our undreamt (satellites orbiting the sun) Because heat temperature

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Air Conditioner at Free of Cost made in Bangladesh

Air Cooler or Air Conditioner from plastic bottles OR  Air Conditioning without electricity. NO Cheek-Story, Air Cooler could be operated without an external electrical power supply is the basis of the principle of science.At very hot temperature on dying status, we try so many attempts to reduce few

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Evolution of the Human Life on the Next Generation

Top 10 Technologies could change the Human Life as Evolution on upcoming Next Generation BioTechnology for Development better Humanity (BioTechnology improving the evolution of the human life on next generation) Since allowing human without hands to pick up and handle delicate objects by helping the disabled with

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LED Technology and working principle of Light Emitting Diode

As per mentioned below, Light Emitting Diode Technology explained simply, The devices which convert one form of energy to another form of energy are to be defined as TRANSDUCERS.Electrical Energy is to be converted to Light Energy in case of LED Technology system.So LED Technology included